1950 A40 Devon

1950 A40 Devon

Item: 1950 Austin A40 Devon
Location: Toowoomba
Contact: Ron 0429 840 879

This vehicle is dismantled and the body has been removed from the chassis which has been kill rusted and the underside of the body has been soundproofed.

The body is in good shape. The doors would need minimum attention. All window winders and door latches are ok.  

The motor is dismantled and it will need reboring etc. and most of the necessary gaskets have been made.    

The real dirty work has been done with very little extra needed.    All screws, nuts, bolts etc. in the course of dismantling have been categorised and labelled as necessary.    

The starter motor and generator have been checked and have been painted along with the air cleaner.  The diff has been cleaned out and has new oil and all four wheels have new brake linings, rear wheels have new bearings and seals, front wheels have new brake cylinders (from England).    

With a minimum of work and effort left to be done, a good car can emerge.  

The upholstery is original and would be very handy for a pattern.   

Unfortunately for me, I am forced to sell this project as my health is restricting me from continuing.   This is very disappointing for me.   

I am asking  $1,500,  which I consider is more than an acceptable price,  considering the costs and parts to date.   There is a workshop manual included.   Also Included is another A40 with motor, diff and gearbox intact.   

Any information you may require please don’t hesitate to phone me on 0429 840 879.  The vehicle is in Toowoomba and I would invite an inspection for anyone interested.