A30s for sale - 7 of them!

A30s for sale - 7 of them!

Location: Brisbane
Contact: Jeff Ford on 0411 429 019 or email: jfo31737@gmail.com
Price: Make an offer

My A30 was acquired 35 years ago fully restored, but due to circumstances has been left stored in a garage for 35 years.

I hope for a buyer who will get the joy of driving this car to club meetings and small outings. It was a great car for learning to drive manual with its long gear shift and many memories.

There are also another 6 A30s in varying condition that belong to my father at the same location. All cars stored under the house from working condition, but have not been turned over for the last 35 years.

Below are some photos of my car and some of my father's cars. I am open to consider offers.