A run to see an Indian

Well, what a glorious day it was for our run to Panorama Motorcycle Museum and Lake Moogerah on Sunday, April 15, 2018. Who would have believed that Austins Over Australia was exactly 12 months ago, just down the road from our meeting place at Cameron Park, Booval. Some said that it felt like only yesterday we were all together enjoying the four days of AOA 2017.

We meet at Cameron Park at 9 am with only one hiccup, Bernie's Austin broke down on the way, but was picked up by Ken, who was passing by - great timing Ken! We got away just after the planned start time of 9.15 am on our 50 minute or so drive to Panorama Motorcycle Museum. A detailed run sheet was provided for everyone to follow.

Apart from an 8 klm stretch on the Cunningham Highway, the rest of the run to the museum was on picturesque country roads through the scenic rim, including some familiar roads from AOA 2017 runs.

We arrived at the Museum at around 10 am and parked our cars off the road, on the front verge of the museum. Many had brought their Austins, with a few moderns as well. We also had members from the Gold Coast join us at the museum. Two of us had also brought our dogs along for the day - we had our "Mammy" and Nairn had brought along "Joey". Both dogs seemed to have a good day, particularly around morning tea and lunch time.

Started by Ron Jurgensen and overseen by Rod and Jenny Beasley and their sons Brendan and Jason, Panorama Motorcycles & Memorabilia at Roadvale, features Harley Davidsons, Indians, Douglas, Royal Enfield and BSA Motorcycles. The oldest complete bike is a 1924 Douglas, but they are still working on an Indian which goes back to 1914. There is a 1920 Model-T Ford and two 1920’s Whippets, 34 stationary engines, including one that used to power the old Boonah Picture Theatre and the collection also includes old jewellery and cameras and household equipment such as butter churns and washboards.

After arrival, we sat down for some morning tea. The Museum generously provided us with tea, coffee and delicious scones, jam and cream. Some of us couldn't wait and had a quick look around at the many bikes that were on display. However, we quickly made our way back to the morning tea table once we saw the scones quickly disappearing.

As we entered the museum, we couldn't help but notice two beautifully restored indian motorcycles. One of them is below, a 1914 Indian made by the Hendee Manufacturing Co, Springfield Massachusetts USA. It has a single cylinder 4 stroke 500cc engine with a Hedstrom improved carburetor, splitfork magneto, single speed with hand clutch. Interestingly, it has a pedal start and a rear stand (see photo below). The bike was restored by Rod, Jason and Brendan from Panorama Museum.

There were many well preserved and restored motorcycles to admire. It was great that you could get up close and not have to look at them from afar behind a barrier. Each motorcycle display included an information sheet describing the model, make and year, with many also including details about the engine, the company that manufactured the bike and the country of manufacture. There was even some stories behind a few of the bikes as some had been acquired from families and then restored by the museum. A few of the bikes had not been 100% restored to working order and had a list of what parts they still required. There was also much motorcycle memorabilia.

Below is just a selection of photos from our visit to the museum.

There is a lot more to the museum than motor cycles. There are also cars, radio, radiograms and record players, lawn mowers, standing engine and much more memorabilia. It is a fantastic collection that obviously has taken many years to put together, but with a lot of devotion, patience and hard work.

Anyone interested in motorcycles or memorabilia in general should go along and visit this fine museum. It's not far from Brisbane and you can have a great day out with very scenic drives. They have a Facebook page, which is below. If your'e on Facebook, like it and let your Facebook friends know about this wonderful museum. If you don't have Facebook, then tell your friends the old fashioned way (check out the groovy old phone in the photos below).


Below is another selection of photos of the other items on display at the museum, but there is so much more! 

After a good hour and a half at the museum, we then left for our next leg, which was a 25 minute run to Lake Moogerah for lunch. Lake Moogerah was a part of one of the runs from AOA 2017. We arrived and found a nice shady spot under some large trees (as we always manage to do), set up and enjoyed our picnic lunch that we had all brought. Some had to share part of their lunch with the two four legged fury friends that had come along. Mammy & Joey made friends easily with those who would part with a bit of their yummy food. We also manage to catch up with some members who had gone straight to the dam, but were waiting for us on the other side. Luckily they came over to where we were, found us and caught up on our day.

A few members had a walk around, including over the dam wall. We all then made our own ways back home after another wonderful club run.

Here are few photos from our lunch at Lake Moogerah. See you on the next run!