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Club Registration

A special interest vehicle registration concession is available if you are registering a classic or vintage car, based on the vehicle having limited road use. 


Qualifying special interest vehicles

  • vehicles that are at least 30 years old
  • historic ambulances or historic fire-fighting equipment vehicles
  • street rods (hot rods)—vehicles that have been modified for safe road use and have a body and frame built before 1949
  • replicas of a motor vehicle, the body and frame of which were built before 1949, that is fitted with a modification plate (code LH9 or LH10).
  • The special interest vehicle scheme guide outlines where and how vehicles under this concession can be used. You and anyone driving your vehicle must follow these conditions at all times.

Acceptable use

Vehicles with this concession have limitations placed on their use. Events special interest vehicles can take part in include:

  • rallies organised by incorporated vehicle clubs
  • processions, displays, fetes and other similar events
  • ceremonies such as weddings or formals involving immediate family members, where no fee or reward is given.

How to apply

You need to complete the registration concession application (F3937).

You will also need to supply:

  • evidence of current club membership with a Queensland incorporated vehicle club (must be on club letterhead, include details of the vehicle to be registered and be signed by a club official)
  • certification from a dating officer to confirm the vehicle's authenticity and year of manufacture if unable to be verified at your nearest transport and motoring customer service centre.