A Very Merry Austin Christmas 2016

A Very Merry Austin Christmas 2016

On Sunday December 4, we had our 2016 Christmas Lunch run to Woodford, with a stop on the way for morning tea at the Pine River Dam. We all met up at our usual starting point at Woolworths Chermside car park at 9 am and departed for the first leg of our run at 9. 15 am. Being well organised by Merv and Margaret Thompson, we were all given detailed route directions and left together as one convoy of Austins.

Being Brisbane and summer, it was a typical hot and sticky day.  Upon arrival at Pine Rivers Dam we were directed to a nice shady area under a large tree where we set up for our morning tea. Even though it was hot, it was pleasant under the tree with a nice cool breeze. We all enjoyed our morning tea and conversation.

Leaving at approximately 11 am we headed towards Woodford where we were to enjoy our Christmas lunch. It was a great drive and their was only one casualty, my 1800.  About 10 kilometres from our destination, just after I was thinking how good the drive was and that my late father would have thoroughly enjoyed the outing, there was a very loud “bang” and an immediate drop of the back left of the 1800.  I pulled over at the first opportunity, an unsealed road called Morely Lane, Bracalba, just past the bridge over Wararba Creek. After we got out, we could see that the car was listing badly to the left and liquid was leaking from underneath the back left. I contacted some club members and was very grateful to those who came back to pick up my family to take back to Woodford for lunch.  I contacted the RACQ (thank goodness I had upgraded to Ultimate Care the week before) and after only waiting for 40 minutes, my 1800 was on it way back to Brisbane.  Again, I am very appreciative of the lift from Merv and his daughter who came to pick me up and take me to Woodford.

Lunch was at the Woodford Golf Club and included a generous serve of roast chicken, baked ham, roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy, followed by a choice of plum pudding or sticky date pudding.  All washed down by the drink of your choice.

The main raffle prize was won by Nairn Hindhaugh, "After Ariel" a murder mystery novel by Diana Hockley ,whose husband, Andrew, is our magazine's editor. From the synopsis, it looks a great read for Nairn over the Christmas/New Year break.

After a great lunch, we all made our way home, with me and my family getting a lift from two club members – thanks John & Nairn.