Windy Petrie Markets Day

Windy Petrie Markets Day

Well, we were warned - westerly winds were on the increase and how! Our club run was to Old Petrie Town on Sunday, 19 August 2018.

We assembled as usual at Chermside and made a reasonably quick run direct to Old Petrie Town. Ken Parker, who organised the run, met us at the gates and we were allowed to bring our cars inside and display a good line up of nine Austins:

  • A40 Devon - Bernie and Madonna Bianchi

  • A40 Somerset convertible - Colin Fox

  • A40 ute - Rex Eaton

  • A50 Cambridge - Clay Eaton

  • A90 Atlantic - Kev and Paula Airton

  • A30 Countryman - Andrew Todd

  • A30 with period luggage on the roof - Robert La Roche

  • 1800 Mk1 - Mark Ellem

  • Maxi - Nairn Hindhaugh

There was much interest by the public in our cars with many recalling how they or family members once had an Austin. In seems that at one time or another, a family member owned an Austin.

Originally, the plan was to have morning tea at the markets and go on to the Pine River Dam for lunch. However, the wind got underway, blowing several stalls over, so we decided to stay and have lunch at the markets, rather than be blown away at the dam.

Thanks to Ken who organised the day - the markets are well worth looking at with quality stalls and food outlets. One of the shops was the “Courtyard and Classic Shed Creations”, which contained heaps of classic memorabilia that you can purchase for your home, shed or “Man Cave”. One item of interest was a replica J40 pedal car (see photos below). If you are interested in what they have, visit their Facebook page at:

At lunch we had a presentation to club member Robert La Roche for his 30 year club membership badge. It was a pleasant surprise for Robert who joined the club in February 1988. Here’s to another 30 years of enjoying Austins!

On a personal note, this was my Maxi’s last run with the club; I have since sold her to Matt Read of ReadSpeed, who will be able to look after her and I will be able to concentrate on keeping the rest of my Austin fleet going. She will be sorely missed.

Assistant Editor