Bay to Birdwood - Part 1

AOA, which is usually held over the Easter weekend, was held in September this time in SA to coincide with the Bay to Birdwood Run, which took place on the Sunday after AOA finished.

Here are some photos I took of the Bay to Birdwood rally at the start at West Beach. Most of the cars started from this point, which would be about 1,750 cars, all parked on an oval with the concourse, the preservation cars in the middle and the Minis, as they were celebrating 60 years of the Mini, as were the Harlingen 4 x 4 made by Steyer Puch. The last photo is of the entry ticket for my car, which is in the first photo, 1966 A110 Westminster Mk II.

The 2020 Bay to Birdwood run will mark the 40th anniversary. To acknowledge this milestone, the run will celebrate all decades of motoring history. See below for further information and click here for their website.

Bay to Birdwood 2020 flyer.jpg